How we communicate your son's progress

Parents' evenings

Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for parents and students of each Year group to meet with the Head & Deputy of Year, tutors and teaching staff, to look at their son's progress and discuss success and any areas of concern. You will be notified of relevant dates, and they are listed in the school calendar.

Interim reports

Year 7: Shortly before the October half term, we write to Year 7 parents with feedback on how their son is settling in. Pupils also have the opportunity to express their feelings, and this feedback will be used to continually support their progress and achievement throughout the remainder of the year.

Other Years: An interim report will be provided to you shortly before the half term holiday in February. Interim reports will be available on the parent portal throughout the year - their frequency depends on the year group - however parents will receive e-mail notification that an interim report is available. It is very important therefore, that your e-mail address changes are notified to

Full report - Summer term

For Years 7 and 8 a full report will be available at the end of the academic year.  For Year 9 this will be in December to support the options choices process through January and February.  For Year 10 the full report will be in June following the Easter mock examinations. Year 11 will received their full report also following their pre-Christmas mock examinations with the report being sent out in February. Years 12 and 13 will have their full reports after their second mock exam, with the full report being issued in March.