• Graduate Market survey 2016

A report on the latest analysis of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at the UK's top employers is available here.

  • Still a student?

There are restrictions on what types of jobs and hours that you can work depending on how old you are. Click on the age restrictions link on the left for more information.

You also need to stay in some form of learning until you are 18. Find out more here .

  • Leaving school with nothing planned?

If you haven't organised any training, employment or further education, there are a range of courses that can help you make a choice and work to achieving it. See blue button under Job Seeker Support on the left......OR.... Visit the Elevate Me centre in Wokingham Library for advice on applying for jobs, vacancies and courses. It specialises in helping 16-24 year olds. Check out their one stop shop local vacancy service here.


Want more training? Don't want to go to University?
Click here for the link to courses for those aged 16-19 at all local colleges across the Thames Valley.                                There are plenty of opportunities if you don't want to go to university, or don't want to go straight away. A useful web site to start with is www.notgoingtouni.co.uk