Remote Learning

Pupils are often at a loss for what to do in terms of school work when the school is closed unexpectedly due to snow days, strikes or even during holidays. It is therefore important that pupils and parents know exactly how they can access each subject away from school, as pupils should always have work to be getting on with. This of course will help with revision for exams too.  When revising for exams, it can be useful to look for resources from the examining boards' web sites. 

 Lots of resources are available to use for independent study, plesase see links to the left. Alternatively please use the GCSE Pod resource. www.

Please find a parents guide to GCSEPOD by clicking here

Lots of resources are also available in the school's Public Folders, which are accessible to pupils using their school log in via Web File Access. Web File Access allows pupils to log into the school network and access their files and folders from home.  Pupils can also access the public folders to get resources and work from their lessons.

'I am Learning' is a web site that allows students to select what they want to revise and what game to play.  Answering correct questions allows you to progress in a game and encourages deeper learning.