Following our Ofsted inspection, we have now received our report. The two day process was very thorough, rigorous and challenging.  Almost 60 lessons were observed, a range of meetings were held with myself, my senior leadership team, governors and students. Inspectors considered the views of parents, visited assemblies, tutorial time and PSHE lessons. We are disappointed the inspectors were not able to award 'good' in recognition of the rapid change that has occured in the past 8 months but chose to await evidence of the impact of these changes/efforts.

Many positives have been highlighted as ‘good’, including the effectiveness of leadership and management, alongside personal development, behaviour and welfare and the  6th form study programmes. “There has been considerable step-change following the arrival of the new headteacher – Ms Austin has been a real pacesetter and has rallied the staff and pupils to raise expectations and has a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school.” Introduction of a new assessment system, which will provide aspirational targets for individual pupils, is imminent and will add to the rigour to how teachers assess pupils’ work. The school has reorganised options process to start in Year 9 to provide more time for coverage of GCSE subjects. “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are polite and friendly around the site.” The headteacher and governors have worked together to ensure that the school is financially stable, and have been industrious in finding grants to support some work to improve buildings.

I am incredibly proud to lead The Forest School and thank you for your support. In only a short space of time we have achieved much. I would like to reiterate the journey we are undertaking, putting us on a path to becoming an outstanding school.

The Forest School community engenders aspirational, safe, prepared, independent, respectful and excellent young men and women who are proud of their school and proud of their achievements.

I encourage you to read the full report.

The report will be also be published on the Ofsted website from Thursday, 7th June.

Forest GCSE Results 2017


GCSE results have been shaken up this year, with the introduction of numerical grades in English and maths.

We have seen excellent results in both English and maths, with both subjects reaching 83% respectively for 4+ results. The national average is 70% for English and maths respectively.

GCSE results at The Forest have progressed, with 66.7% achieving A*-C, including English and maths. This is in line with national results. We are particularly proud of the following subjects and their performances: in Spanish 89% gained A*-C , in Media Studies 86 achieved A*-C, and in Electronics 91% gained A*-C.  As ever, there are many individual success stories, and we will bring more news of those shortly.


GCSE results by subject

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Key Stage 4

The Forest School GCSE Department for Education Attainment and Progress information  

Progress 8 score


Attainment 8 score


% of pupils standard pass in English & Maths


% of pupils strong pass in English & Maths


% of pupils achieving standard pass Ebacc


% of pupils who in Education or employment




Forest Sixth Form Results Day 2017

The Forest is very pleased with its A level results again this year, with the overall pass rate at 99.7%.

As A levels become more complex, with some following the new ‘more rigorous’ approach of testing at the end of two years, some allowing papers to be resat, and exam boards releasing very limited practice resources, it is very pleasing to say that our performance has improved year on year.

With much publicity about results falling nationally the most rewarding statistic from our prospective is that from approximately 300 subject entries only one failed to meet the required standard to pass.  This means Forest students have positive choices to make.

The changing employment landscape can be seen in those that achieved all A*/A grades. Previously all would have opted for a top university, now some are taking up apprenticeships or high level training schemes with international organisations. 

This year we have seen more students secure apprenticeships prior to the examination period and a higher number of unconditional university offers, but this has not distracted them from performing to the best of their ability. 

Stuart Jackman, Head of Forest Sixth Academic said, "Congratulations to all students and staff on their preparation and performance this year we are delighted to celebrate their success, and wish them all the best for the future, whatever they choose to do".  


A and AS Level results by subject

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Key Stage 5 (16 to 18)

A level Average Grade


Academic Average Grade


Applied General Average Grade


English Average Progress


Maths Average Progress


Student retention A level


Student retention Technical


Student destinations



Note: Vocational subjects are marked using the following - D* Distinction*, D Distinction, M Merit, P Pass.