Stretch and Challenge at The Forest

At The Forest School, we want to challenge all our pupils to use higher thinking strategies to enable them to make informed decisions, work autonomously when required, to be an active member of any group, and to communicate their ideas and knowledge more clearly.

All pupils at The Forest School are stretched and challenged both in and outside of lessons to inspire life-long learning, to encourage them to question, and motivate them to have the courage and determination to be thoughtful and active members of our local, national and global community.


The aim of Stretch & Challenge is to ensure all pupils make good or excellent progress, motivate students to learn, encourage students to question, and enthuse students to be proactive and to take a lead.

By this, The Forest School aims;

  • To ensure pupils who are high attaining on entry to The Forest School, ultimately achieve A/A*s in GCSE and AS/A-Level courses.

  • To ensure a school culture in which pupils have and achieve high aspirations.

  • To ensure our pupils have access to a wide and varied enrichment programme.