Where Can I Buy School Uniform & Equipment?

The Forest School has its uniform, games and PE kit supplied by Hawkinsport. You can find out more by clicking on The Uniform Shop button on the left.

Stationery is available from the Main Office during term time.

The school office sells:

  • House ties for £7.50
  • Calculators for £7.00
  • Stationery sets in a clear case for £3.50. Stationery sets include  2 X set squares, a 30 cm rule, compass, protractor, 2 pencils, 2 biro pens, eraser, highlighter pen, pencil sharpener and glue stick.
  • Forest water bottles £2.00
  • Mini English Dictionary £2.50           


Uniform Standards

We expect our students to dress smartly - see the School Uniform Policy above left, and the poster designed by students below.

All students must wear the correct uniform. For those who arrive at school incorrectly dressed:

* The student will be provided with the correct uniform for a day, and we will contact the parent, carer or guardian and ask for the issue to be resolved by the following morning.  The student returns the spare uniform at the end of the day.

* In the unlikely case of a student refusing to wear the alternative uniform provided, they will be sent home until the uniform is corrected.

* If a student refuses to follow the school uniform rules, they will not be allowed in lessons and will move through the stages until they are excluded.