Stretching those with more ability

Our aim is to ensure every student has the pace, challenge and depth in their school experience to allow them to succeed. The school’s more able learners are supported through ‘setting’ which allows our staff to provide them with work to a more advanced level, and on an individual basis within mixed ability classrooms.

Students who are particularly able in one or more subjects are identified by their subject teachers as Gifted & Talented (often shortened to G&T), and are then overseen by the Lead teacher for Gifted and Talented learners. ‘Gifted’ refers to those who excel academically, whilst ‘Talented’ refers to those who are particularly able in sports or the arts.

How are students identified?

They are identified in a variety of ways which includes CAT testing (the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) is an assessment of verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills using words, numbers and shapes or figures), skills they have developed through previous learning, and through teacher identification.

The school has a specific policy for Gifted and Talented learners to ensure their needs are met. See that policy here.

Opportunities students

We provide opportunities for students that are simply not possible in the classroom. These can vary from activities after school such as designing and building rockets, to ‘away days’ visiting universities and higher education institutions. Each year, our more able Year 9 students have the opportunity to attend a challenge and activity week with other Wokingham students in Wales.

In recent years we have developed a successful Oxbridge application scheme, run together with other Wokingham schools, to support our most able students to apply to the UK’s elite universities. The programme is run with support from higher education and involves interview preparation and help with their extended projects.